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Mini tartelette

Want to make mini tartelettes but don’t want the hassle of carefully making each mini pie shell? I’ve got just the trick for you!

mini tartelette with grapefruit curd and torched french meringue on white plates, glass cake stand and blue background

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Shaping mini tartelette pie crusts can be tedious and time-consuming; perfectly placing and pinching the dough in little molds takes forever. So I was excited to try a technique I saw the other day using the tartelette molds upside down! It worked! It was faster and if you don’t have tartelette molds like these, you could use the same technique using a mini-cupcake tin like this one.

The pâte sucré recipe below is very versatile; it is absolutely lovely with unbleached-white, whole wheat or gluten-free buckwheat flour. I love experimenting with different whole wheat ancient grains to achieve different flavours, depending on the filling.

It’s currently the last week of winter and I’m enjoying heaps of organic grapefruits from our CSA’s partners in Florida. I’ve been busy preserving them, making candied peels and grapefruit curd- both of which will be delicious in these easy to make tartelettes.

overlay of mini tartelette with grapefruit curd and torched french meringue on white plates, glass cake stand and blue background

Whole wheat pâte sucré recipe


200g icing sugar

250 butter, cubed and cold

2 yolks

1 egg

400g whole wheat flour


  1. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, beat the cold butter with the icing sugar, until light. Scrapping down the sides of the bowl as needed.

  2. Slowly add the eggs.

  3. Once incorporated add the whole wheat flour.

  4. Shape into a large log, wrap and refrigerate min. 1h.

  5. Slice into 4 disks (tightly wrap, label and store in freezer remaining 3 disks for future you- you're welcome!)

  6. Roll out pie dough approx. 3mm thick.

  7. Measure your mini tartelette molds’ diameter/contour from top edge to top edge along the bottom.

  8. Use a cookie cutter that size, or slightly smaller (I like this set because it’s the only one you’ll ever need!) to cut out the mini pies.

  9. Ball up the excess dough, roll out again and cut out the discs.

  10. With tartelette molds (or mini-cupcake molds) upside down, liberally butter or apply the cooking spray.

  11. Place a disk of dough over it and gently press down and around.

  12. Repeat for remaining discs.

  13. Place tartelettes molds on a baking tray and bake at 360°F until lightly golden brown, approx. 20-25min.

  14. Make grapefruit curd, using this recipe.

  15. Once the mini tartelettes pie shells are cool enough to handle, remove them from the molds .

  16. Fill the mini tartelettes with grapefruit curd and return to the oven for 6-10 minutes, the edges should be set but the centre is still slightly wobbly.

  17. Let cool completely.

  18. Make French meringue, using this recipe.

  19. Pipe or spoon onto mini tartelettes.

  20. Brulé using your handy kitchen torch or add sifted icing sugar and return to 435°F oven until caramelized.

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