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Early mornings working at artisanal bakeries, and late-night weekends at restaurants weren’t ideal schedules with a baby at home. For three years, I found my groove working for a national, corporate pastry company as their R&D pastry chef.  Along with developing new recipes and the tools necessary for national roll-outs, I was the food stylist for all marketing materials. I loved working with the photographers to create eye-catching, mouth-watering images. After baby number two I pursued the favourite part of my job and became a food photographer.


I now focus on content creation for brands: recipe development, food styling and photography. I love doing freelance for restaurants and brands to create images for their websites, marketing materials and social channels.


If you are interested in working together, I’d love to connect! Please send me an email to get started.

is french for

sweet  toothed



I’ve always loved that pastries and dessert are eaten for sheer pleasure : nobody needs to eat dessert. People are rarely hungry when they get to dessert, but who doesn’t enjoy it anyway? Desserts and pastries, like good wine or a beautiful landscape, are part of l’art de vivre, i.e. enjoying the simple, aesthetic pleasures in life.


Did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that can taste sugar? Compared to other birds that enjoy the savoury sustenance of seeds and bugs, their taste buds are specially designed for them to find and enjoy sweet nectar, how delightful!


This self-indulgent bird is the perfect icon for a seasonal, garden-inspired pastry blog from Southern Quebec.


Adventures & Aspirations


After finishing culinary pastry school at l’ITHQ in Montreal, I was awarded a bursary that allowed me to complete three gruelling, eye-opening stages abroad, where I learned to prepare and serve refined deserts to the elite. Together with my husband Stu, we travelled the world, conducted R&D (code for eating as much as we could), and experienced life on four continents over a two-year span.


My first taste of professional pastry making was working the pastry section in a 3-Michelin star restaurant located in St-Helena, California. Here, I learned about the art of hospitality, sourcing local ingredients (and pottery), biodynamic gardening… and I became battle-hardened by a loud, verbally abusive (but extremely talented) pastry chef! On my days off, Stu and I explored much of the food and wine that the Napa Valley had to offer, as we hiked to “walk it off” in the dry California summer.


Next, we were off to Paris to work with the Meilleur Ouvrier de France Patrick Roger at his famous Laboratoire de Chocolaterie for the easter chocolate production rush- and what a rush it was! The meticulous, fast-paced work, the bawdy humour, and the endless supply of unctuous chocolate made the 13-14hr hour days fly by. Weekends were filled with long walks and café noisettes while we hunted down the perfect buttery croissant and searched for grocery stores open on Sundays.


My final stage was working at a beautiful Relais & Chateaux resort in Lake Taupo, New Zealand. Here, I discovered that learning the art and science of pastries could last me a lifetime as long as I had the confidence and skill sets to apply these techniques in whichever direction I chose. In fact, my goal during the stages was to soak up as much knowledge as possible so that I could apply these skills using local, seasonal ingredients back home.


Upon our return, Stu and I were eager to settle down on a piece of land that would allow us to grow a bountiful garden as well as keep chickens for fresh eggs. We wanted to be near local producers in order to collaborate with them. We found our home in the forest near Brome Lake, and put down our roots by starting a family.


I love spending time in the garden; I’m still in awe of what one little seed can produce despite the short growing season in southern Quebec. One thing I particularly enjoy about gardening is the sudden generosity and abundance of a particular ingredient followed by the rush to eat, share, and preserve it all to make the pleasures last. I’m always looking for new ways to preserve and enjoy seasonal flowers, herbs, seeds, as well as various fruits and vegetables.


Hand-made, functional pottery is my other passion. In California, the chef collaborated with local potters so that he could include the terroir, not only in the dishes that were prepared but also the actual dishes! It was the first time that I discovered the pleasure of working with hand-made ceramics. The plates, bowls, and serving wares were deceivingly simple and elegant, which was highlighted by their unique shapes and textures. As soon as we moved to the Eastern Townships, I reached out to local potters Robin and Robert who are passionate artists and gifted teachers. I loved spending time in their company at their studio. Similar to pastry-making, it is a highly tactile art with seemingly endless creative possibilities. I was hooked!


Rather than divide my time between my passions: be it my family, pastry, pottery, photography, gardening, etc. I find joy in combining them and sharing them with you. I love creating content, recipes, pottery, photographs and food. I hope to bring you as much pleasure and inspiration as I do by doing what I love.

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