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Candied Fruit Slices

This candied recipe will help you preserve seasonal citrus while teaching you how to make candied fruit. Believe it or not, you’re only three ingredients away from making candied citrus slices; these can be enjoyed on their own or in cakes, bread and, cocktails!

whole pink grapefruit, pink grapefruit halves and pink grapefruit quarters with green leaves on blue backdrop

I love how citrus fruits bring bright flavours and colours to the table during the cold winter months. For me, the smallest sip of freshly-squeezed orange juice will bring me back to my early childhood: sitting at the kitchen table in my grandparent's winter home in Florida drinking orange juice from the trees in the yard. I also remember sitting across my grandfather as he showed me how to cut a grapefruit by slicing it in half to expose the bright pink flesh, and patiently running a knife along each ray to scoop out the sweet, juicy segments. I’m delighted that my four-year-old daughter enjoys eating pink grapefruit with me and that I can teach her how to cut grapefruit and continue the ritual my grandfather and I shared. Flavours and smells can help form memories that are preserved for a lifetime. When my children are older, I hope that the smell and taste of citrus triggers their nostalgia to transport them back to a simpler time.

Last week, I was mesmerized by the vivid, sunset-like colours of our grapefruit. The peel was just as vibrant as the flesh, so to maximize the fruit’s flavour, I incorporated the zest in my cooking (fresh, dehydrated or candied.) I’m always focused on preserving my abundance of fruit and vegetables during the summer and early fall, but the grapefruit’s ombre peel was too beautiful to toss into the compost bin; I was compelled to preserve it!

Candied fruit slices are simple to make and you only need three ingredients: fruit, sugar and water! This candied recipe can be used with any kind of citrus: key limes, Meyer lemons, kumquats, navel oranges, and grapefruits. I like preserving citrus varieties that have thick peels as these yield thick candied fruit slices. Candied grapefruit slices hit all the right notes: sweet, bitter, crunchy, and chewy.

If you’re hosting a dinner party, they look great served on their own as a palette cleanser, or as a light pre-dessert (they also make a wonderful hostess gift.) I enjoy chopping up the slices and including them in sourdough-brioches or in vanilla cupcakes. They are also the perfect sparkly garnish for a variety of cocktails. I hope this recipe will help you preserve your citrus this season and enjoy it for weeks to come.

Pink grapefruit halves and quarters, candied grapefruit being sliced on a cutting board with a Japanese knife


2 large grapefruits

500g raw sugar



  1. Cut grapefruits in half and enjoy the fruit or juice!

  2. Cut grapefruit halves into quarters.

  3. Fill a large pot halfway with water and bring to a boil.

  4. Add the quartered peels and simmer lightly for 10 minutes.

  5. Pour out the water and refill with fresh tap water.

  6. Bring to a boil and lightly simmer until the peels sink.

  7. Strain the peels and remove the inner skin of the fruit while they are hot. (I like to use clean rubber gloves to protect my hands).

  8. Rinse in cold water and remove any remaining inner skin.

  9. Weigh out 500g of raw sugar in a medium-size pot and add 250g of water.

  10. Bring to a boil and add the blanched fruit peels.

  11. Simmer for 45-60 minutes, flipping the peels over every 10 minutes or so. The peels should look darker and translucent.

  12. Remove from syrup and place on a cooling rack, rind-side down until tacky.

  13. Pour grapefruit syrup into a clean jar fitted with a lid and keep in the fridge for refreshing sodas and cocktails.

  14. Leave whole or slice to the desired size. Dust in sugar and return to a cooling rack to dry for 12-24h.

  15. Place in an airtight container and enjoy!

Candied grapefruit slices, raw sugar, bright light and blue backdrop

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