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Maple glazed sourdough donuts

Celebrating spring and maple syrup has never been sweeter with an authentic, easy-to-make maple donut glaze for baked sourdough donuts.

maple glazed sourdough donut on a wood tray with black coffee and newspaper

Spring and maple season are finally here! As a Québecoise who draws inspiration from seasonal and local ingredients, maple syrup is an annual highlight. Personally, most maple desserts are not maple-y enough or lack that uniquely sweet authentic flavour. (And I'm not alone. Did you know Quebec has a maple police?! I might have missed my true calling.) The best way to avoid these disappointing pitfalls is by using 100% pure-maple products.

maple taffy (tire d'érable) pour out of enamel pot over snow

Maple syrup is made by concentrating the sugars collected from maple tree sap. If you continue to boil it, you can make taffy, which is then traditionally poured over packed snow and enjoyed on a popsicle stick to top off the sugar shack experience (in Québec, we call this dessert de la tire d'érable). This taffy is equally delicious as a maple glaze for desserts and savoury dishes. When glazed on a baked sourdough donut, it isn’t denaturalized by powdered sugar or other ingredients, allowing the pure maple flavour to shine through.

sourdough donuts with maple glaze on cooling rack

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Baked sourdough donuts:


145g coconut oil, melted

95g sugar

250g milk

100g sourdough starter*

215g flour

2 eggs, separated

6g vanilla extract

6g baking powder

3g baking soda

2g salt

Yield: 16 donuts


  1. Mix the sourdough starter, milk, sugar, and coconut oil in a large bowl.

  2. Cover and let it sit out overnight on the counter.

  3. The following day, separate the egg whites from the yolks.

  4. Add yolks and remaining ingredients to the overnight mix and gently stir in.

  5. Whip up the egg whites with a pinch of salt until it holds medium-hard peaks. (I like to use my hand blender to do this efficiently).

  6. Carefully fold the egg whites into the batter using a Marise.

  7. Butter your donut pan.

  8. Transfer batter to a piping bag (like these disposable ones) and pipe into the donut pan.

  9. Bake at 375°C for 12-15 minutes.

  10. Let cool on a wire rack.

  11. Once completely cool, unmold the donuts from the pan and dip them into the maple taffy donut glaze.

  12. The maple taffy creates a beautiful shiny glaze. After a couple of hours, it will soak into the donut- equally delicious but not as gorgeous. Plan accordingly if you're aiming to wow anyone ;)

Maple taffy for maple donut glaze:

  1. In a large pot, boil one can of maple syrup until it reaches 114°C.

  2. Remove from heat.

  3. Let it cool down and use it when it is the consistency of molasses.

  4. Do not stir! It is a highly concentrated sugar solution that will crystallize if you stir it.

*For convenience: Your local grocery store or maple farm might have some for sale. If so, gently warm on medium heat without stirring.

bite shot of sourdough donut being dunked in black coffee with newspaper and white background

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